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Antal hästkrafter


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Är ju inne på att köpa en Mustang, troligtvis 2004. Försöker bli lite klok på skillnaderna med antal liter och speciellt skillnad på DOHC och SOHC??

Sedan ser jag att man antingen har:

3,8l med 150 hk

3,9l med 195 hk

4,6l dohc med 390 hk

4,6l sohc med 225-260 hk

Dock har jag sett bilar på nätet med ca 305 hk. Hur kommer det sig??

Tacksam om någon kan förklara.


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Lite "stulen" info...

1995 Ford Mustang: No major changes hit the Mustang in its second season in mid-1990s form.

1996 Ford Mustang: For 1996, a 4.6-liter overhead-cam V8 replaced the 5.0-liter. Special high-performance Cobras got a 305-horsepower dual-overhead-cam version. Cobra coupes arrived first, followed later by a convertible. Each engine gained platinum-tipped spark plugs, and the V6 added five horsepower.

1997 Ford Mustang: Notable changes included the following: a monotone interior color scheme, "flecked" seat fabric pattern for the GT, optional gray leather interior for the convertible, and optional "diamond-cut" 17-inch alloy wheels for the GT.

1998 Ford Mustang: Mustang returns virtually unchanged except for ten more horsepower in the GT.

1999 Ford Mustang: Mustang got a major styling makeover for '99. Included were new front and rear clips with styling cues from the original 1965 model and a new rear suspension designed to improve handling. All models returned and the Cobra got an even more-impressive fully independent rear suspension.

2000 Ford Mustang: Except for a new Sport appearance option for the V6 Mustang, changes were few this year. The Sport appearance group included a rear spoiler, bright alloy wheels, and body stripes. All models got two rear child safety-seat anchors and a tri-color-bar emblem on front fenders. Base models were available with new 6-spoke 15-inch alloy wheels and, for the first time, with the same 16-inch wheels and tire size used on the GT.

2001 Ford Mustang: The high-performance Cobra model returned for 2001, and the limited-edition Bullitt GT joined the lineup. Linewide changes included a new floor console, repositioned front cupholder, added tissue holder, power point, and parking-brake boot. A rear defroster was now standard, the optional Mach 460 sound system was newly available with a 6-disc in-dash CD player, and GTs got standard 17-inch alloy wheels in place of 16s. Also, GTs and Cobras got new hood and side scoops.

2002 Ford Mustang: For '02, major option packages were redesignated as submodels called Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. An MP3/CD radio was newly available, and Base Mustangs got 16-inch alloy wheels to replace 15s. The high-performance Cobra model sat out the first part of the 2002 model year.

2003 Ford Mustang: Mach 1 and SVT Cobra editions were the big news for '03--the Cobra actually arrived in limited-availability for '02. Mach one got a 300-horse dual-cam V8 while the Cobra got a 390-horse supercharged V8. The Cobra also got independent rear suspension. V6 models could have the Pony Package which included sport graphics and a non-functional hood scoop.

2004 Ford Mustang: All Mustangs wear commemorative badges to celebrate the car's 40th anniversary. Other changes were minor as Ford's ponycar would be completely redesigned for 2005.

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