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72 Mustang Mach1 from Finland (ex. CRT-499)

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Hello all and greetings from FMOC Finland member. :D

I'm sorry but I need to write in English... now you might wonder what a heck I'm doing here?

Well, I'm owner of '72 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351CJ, which was bought to Finland from Sweden in '99. I'm second Finnish owner of the car and had it almost 10 years. I have ordered Marti report (see picture) and acc. to that my Mustang is export-model (with km speedo, etc. stuff.), so I assume that is has shipped to Sweden as new in '72?

So ATTENTION all Mustang Club Sweden members! I'm looking for all kind of info concerning my Mustang; info about ex. owners and especially OLD PICTURES!! You can contact me via this forum or e-mail: makelajoni at netikka.fi.

I appreciate all kind of info about my Mustangs history in Sweden and if you know/have car magazines where might be pictures or story from this car, I'm interested them also.

So this Mustangs last registration number in Sweden was CRT-499 (belongs to '06 Jaguar now). Original colour was metallic green (Ivy Glow/4C), but current colour is red.

That's all for now, hope some of you will recognise this car and can help me with filling Mustangs history in Sweden.

Regards, Joni

Here some photos:




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Hei Joni!

Mun -72 on myös myyty uutena ruotsissa. Minä olen tilannut Riksarkivet runkonumeron avuksi kaikki entiset omistajan tiedot ja sain sielltä kans enisimäinen registerioten tai se mitä suomessa kutsutaan kantokortti.http://www.mustangclubsweden.org/showthread.php/11140-Renovering-Mach1-72-cmc1152/page8

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Tack Peter,

Laiton aikaisemmin kyselyä transportstyrelsen.se sähköpostiin, mutta ei tullut vastausta. Ok, kokeillaan nyt tuota Riksarkivet:ia, kiitti vinkistä.

Olisiko mahdollsita saada Mustangisi Marti raportti sähköpostilla, niin saat vastneeksi mun puhtaan version+personalisointi raportin. Voisko nämä olla jopa samaa saapumiserää? Tutkin tuota sinun autosi raporttia Seinäjoen näyttelyssä ja näytti aika tutulta...

Sorry, back to English. So as said all info welcome, you can answer also in Swedish since I can translate it then.

R; Joni

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