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1964½ Ford Mustang Convertible Full Restoration


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Hi Guys,

My name is Pat, I'm from Berlin/ Germany.

A friend told me that there is a big community in Sweden for Mustangs.

So I decide to show you guys our Mustang Convertible.

Here is the story:

that's our

1964½ Ford Mustang Convertible D-Code

We bought this car in Los Angeles (CA).

The condition were poorly and we knew we have to spend some hours on the body work.

But we were prepared.

I see a lot of shows in Germany and the States were people present their car and always say the same things:

it's a typical "American" paint job.

yes the spares are different, it's a American car.

I don't like those phrases.

So we want to show people how it can look like. We want to manifest a high quality standard.

The intention on this car:

We want to leave this car optical very original but with some nice performance details in the engine bay. We put a real leather interior in with a original look. I don't like the vinyl stuff.

We put a power steering and power disc brakes in it, in combination with a 4-speed Sideloader, this constellation is really rare (never came from the fabric in this combination in the first generation).

The Body:

We sandblast the whole body and tried to rescue the original sheet as much as possible.

Other sheet was replaces and added to perfection (perfect spaltmått). Bodywork alone was 700 hours.

The Paint job:

The whole paint job takes us 5 weeks incl. preparing and all necessary work that needs to be done. It is perfect, no mistake on the whole car. It's a 7.000€ paint job. The color is called Rangoon Red.

The Interior:

We put real leather in it, looks like original, but smells much better. When you sit it, it gives you a feeling like from a brand new car.

The Engine:

It's a 289 engine with Edelbrock aluminum heads, an Edelbrock RPM Intake and a Edelbrock Carburetor. Everything is chromed or polished. We have a cylinder compression of 12.5 bar that'S bring us around 280-300 hp.

Hope you will like it.

When I bought the car in Los Angeles:








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theseam seal looks great


It'snot the original door data plate but we reproduced it to the actualloptions.



Ihope you liked it, we try to motivate people who start theirrestoration and want to give up. Never quit.

Finallywe want to show people that there are companies in Poland that candeliver high quality. There are a lot of guys who do it cheap, butyou get what you pay for. We are not one of those, but I think youcan see the difference and the quality standard.

more pictures here:




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