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Tips: Lite roliga funktioner på våra Mustanger

Daniel Linde

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Owner’s Manual

First of all, if you have an Owner’s Manual, Read it. There are many features and a TON of information for you in it. Especially if you are a Mustang Virgin. If you need a Owner’s Manual go to http://www.helminc.com and order one!

Recalibrating your Throttle

Recalibrating the throttle by turning the key in the on position and pressing down to the floor ( total 3 seconds ) then release for 3 seconds.

1- Turn the ignition to ON without starting the engine(dashboard lights come on and chime sounds).

2- After the chime stops, smoothly depress the gas pedal to the floor while counting 1001-1002-1003.

3- Release the gas pedal using the same procedure in 2.

4- Wait 6 seconds, and turn the ignition to OFF. If you have a tune it wont make much difference at this point.....keep the tips and procedures coming guys! Your throttle response is reset.

Cup Holder

In the cup holders, that little rubber piece at the bottom of the rear cup holder pops out. You can then place larger style cup in the deeper hole.

Remote Window with FOB

On the early '05 models, you can hold unlock on the remote and the windows will roll down. THE AUTOMATIC WINDOW FEATURE ONLY CAME ON SOME OF THE EARLY 05' PRODUCTION MUSTANGS. So far, no one has been able to post or figure out how to enable it.

Radio Speaker test

Put the radio in AM or FM mode. Simultaneously press and hold preset buttons 3 and 6. The speaker does a "walk-around" test of the speakers--RF, LF, LR, RR, subwoofer. While in this mode, press preset button 3. This displays the signal strength of the radio signal--good for comparing one antenna with a different antenna (e.g., the stock antenna with a shorty).

Seat Belt Chime – How to turn off

1. Turn the ignition switch to the RUN position. (Do not start the engine.)

2. Wait until the safety belt warning indicator turns off. (approximately 1 minute )

3. NOTE: Step 4 must be completed within 60 seconds . Buckle and unbuckle the driver or passenger safety belt 9 times, ending with the safety belt unbuckled. The air bag warning indicator illuminates for 3 seconds after this step.

4. After the air bag warning indicator turns off, buckle and unbuckle the safety belt again. This enables the belt minder if disabled or disables the belt minder if enabled.

5. Confirmation of the beltminder being enabled is by the airbag warning indicator flashing 4 times per second for 3 seconds , followed by 3 seconds again.

6. Confirmation of the beltminder being disabled is by the airbag warning indicator flashing 4 times per second for 3 seconds .

7. After confirmation, the deactivation/activation procedure is complete.

Fuel Gauge Turns red when near empty

Not sure if this is a hidden feature, but it was kinda cool when the fuel gauge turned red to let me know I was really, really, really close in running out of gas. I think that we are supposed to have about a gallon left. I would not let it get that low under normal circumstances because it makes the fuel pump work harder and the lack of cooling from the gasoline may cause the fuel pump to get too hot.

Gas Cap Hook

There is a little hook on the inside of the gas cap. The hook is meant for your gas cap to hang on so it doesn't drop and hit the outside painted panel. Took me a year and a half to realize what that hook was for. (Check your car, it may or may not have this hook. Some model years do not.)

Radio Song/Title Display

If you have a shaker and you hold the menu button down for about 5 seconds it asks you if you want RDS on or off. Turning RDS on will display the name of the station and the name of the song that’s playing and the artist that’s singing it. If you click the menu button again after the RDS toggle it will say Search: (genre). Use the up/down arrows to choose genres (Top 40, Country, Pop, etc) and the left/right search buttons to find the next station on the radio band that plays that type of music.

Security Feature

The car also has sensors on the interior in case someone want to steal it or something!! I found this out the hard way when i locked it with the windows down and stuck my hand in to get my ipod and it scarred the sh*t out of me!!

The info on the security system is in the Owners Manual.

Seatbelt Retention strap

I don't know if this counts as a hidden feature, but I really like the strap for the seatbelt. Saves a lot of stretching. Located at the bottom of your seat, on the outside, towards the back.

Trunk Grocery Bag Holder

The grocery bag clips in the trunk (I kinda giggled when someone first told me about them), but I have found them extremely useful....I just "twist/spin" the plastic grocery bag handles, put them on the clips, and surprisingly they stay in place when I get home. Along the back of the trunk, there is black trim that extends the width of the car, including to the taillight area. Look in the area where the trunk latches. A few inches from that you should see a hook to the right and a hook to the left that are part of the black trim.

Approach Lighting

If you have an 07-09, you can change whether your headlights come on or not when you unlock the car. It is in the Owner’s manual and it is a key cycle combined with locking and unlocking the door.

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