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[Efterlysning] MK1 Escort Twin Cam - Ove Andersson?

Daniel Linde

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Fick ett mail från England från en ägare utav en MK1 Escort, som är importerad från Sverige.

Han efterlyser information om bilen om det är någon som vet något.

Jag bifogar nedan det mail jag fick samt hans kontaktuppgifter.


’m trying to find out the history of a MK1 escort that came from Sweden Details below. It is potentially a very rear car. I've just started to restore the Mk1. It spent most of its life in Sweden, and I have recently found out It has been converted to LHD from RHD. I have found VIN Identification on it. The VIN serial (or Chassis number) on the right hand inner gaurd. (see picture) BB49HC24866

and if im reading it correct, According to http://www.rs-garage.co.uk/decode.html the info is as follows

B Britain

B Halewood

49 (Lotus Twin Cam engine model) Heavy duty shell

H 1968

C May

24866 (production number i guess)

If this is correct I will build a reto twin cam, as it is a pretty early production model

and rare car....... if it really is an early Twin cam. How it ended up in Sweden gaud knows. However there was a Swedish works rally driver that drove for ford in the earily days, and came 3rd in the 1968 Tullip rally, Ove Anderrson. Its not the XOO355F car he drove in that rally, but it serial number is really close. I’m trying to find out the original Reg number from the VIN, but not had any luck...yet

Interested in anything you can add, or is there anyone in Sweden (clubs etc) that I could contact?

Could you post this on your site for me? I did contact the Fanspraings club but had no luck there.



James Jordan



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