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Besiktning med O/R x-pipe


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Hello Mustang guys.

This May, my car will be exactly 3 years old. I assume I will get a letter for besiktning?

Now the thing is, I have no cats on my car. My exhaust setup is Lethal Performance Off Road X-pipe with Pypes Bomb mufflers.

Here is the x-pipe:


Now, what are the chances for they will raise my car up and see it has no cats and fail besiktning?

Or does anyone know some people or places that can approve my car with the current setup?

Or or, do I really have to install the stock mid pipe and drive to besiktning? :-(

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Actually.. That would be the least of my worries. I will just put the stock midpipe back on..


I gotta figuire something out WITHOUT drilling. Might mount something in the side mirrors or something..

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Usually bilprovningen only checks the side turn signals when a registrerings besiktning is done.

Then after that during the yearly checks at bilprovningen doesn't check the side turn signals.

This is at least my experience on a few cars that I have.

If you fail then the type in the above answer can be used.

Use doubble sided tape (the type to mount badges).

I usually mount the side turn signals on the front fender, close to the door then I pull the cable in the split between door and fender.

Looks not the best, but it works and no holes made.

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