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Artikel: Mustang 2015 - Motorbilder

Daniel Linde

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  • 5.0L V8 (Coyote)
    • > 420 HP (projected)
    • > 390 Lb-Ft (projected)
    • Sintered-iron forged Boss-like 302 rods and springs
    • Upgrade valvetrain and cylinder heads with improved port design
    • Larger valves and cams
    • New intake manifold with charge motion-control valves
    • Redesigned piston tops
    • Balanced forged crank
    • 11:1 compression ratio
    • 155 MPH top speed
    • Even more detailed changes:
      • New cams with 1mm more intake lift and 2mm more lift on the exhaust side
      • New cylinder heads with revised high-flow ports and slightly larger valves
      • Mid-lock cam phasers to provide greater range of cam timing on the intake side
      • A revised intake manifold with charge-motion control valves.
      • The forged connecting rods from the current Boss 302 engine
      • The forged balanced crank from the current Boss 302 engine
      • The valve springs from the current Boss 302 engine
      • Standard oil cooler

    [*]3.7L V6

    • 300 HP
    • 270 Lb-Ft

    [*]2.L inline 4 Cylinder EcoBoost

    • > 305 HP (projected)
    • > 300 Lb-Ft (projected)
    • Twin-scroll turbocharger
    • Direct injection
    • Twin independent variable cam timing
    • Steel crank
    • 3-port cylinder
    • Forged steel crankshaft
    • Forged steel connecting rods
    • High-pressure die-cast aluminum cylinder block
    • 9.5:1 compression ratio


  • 0.12 in (3mm) longer
  • 0.51 in (13mm) wider than outgoing 2014 Mustang (s197)
  • 1.49 in (38mm) lower roof
  • 0.78 in (20mm) lower seating position


  • Updated manual gearbox (Getrag 6-speed)
    • revised shift linkage for shorter throws / smooth shifting

    [*]Automatic with paddle shifters (SelectShift 6-speed)

    [*]rev matching

    [*]redesigned case with lighter internals


  • All-new front and rear suspension systems.
  • New perimeter front subframe helps stiffen the structure while reducing mass, providing a better foundation for more predictable wheel control that benefits handling, steering and ride
  • Front MacPherson strut system with new double-ball-joint spindle (allows for larger brakes and improved handling feedback)
  • Rear integral-link independent rear suspension (benchmarked against Boss 302)
  • New aluminum rear knuckles help reduce unsprung mass for improved ride and handling


  • Three available brake packages
    • V6 Mustangs: 2 piston calipers with 12-inch rotors
    • Ecoboost 4 Cyl Mustangs: 4 piston calipers with 14-inch rotors (standard on GT model)
    • GT Mustangs: 6 piston calipers with 15-inch rotors (upsized 15% from GT500)


  • Launch Control (GT model)
  • Selectable Drive Modes - Console switches to quickly adjust steering effort, engine response, and transmission and electronic stability control settings
    • Normal mode
    • Sport mode
    • Track mode
    • Snow mode

    [*]Intelligent Access with push-button start to SYNC® and MyKey®

    [*]Available Track Apps (standard on GT, optional on EcoBoost model)

    [*]MyColor gauges and

    [*]new Shaker Pro audio system

    [*]Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with cross-traffic alert

    [*]Adaptive cruise control

    [*]SYNC AppLink

    [*]Oil pressure and vacuum/boost gauges

    [*]Push-button start

    [*]Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

    [*]Remote starting and remote window opening options


  • Occupants lowered 0.78in (20mm)
  • More overall interior room
  • Visibility improved
  • More trunk space
  • Rear seat pass-through 40mm wider
  • Rear seats feature more hip and shoulder room
  • USB and 12V outlets


  • Cloth top and center latch.
  • Top opens and closes in 7 seconds (half the time of the outgoing model)

2015 Mustang colors

  • Competition Orange
  • Triple Yellow
  • Oxford White
  • Deep Impact Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Ingot Silver
  • Magnetic, Guard
  • Black








Källa: http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=986

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