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69 gt 500 9f03r483154

Bjørn Harald

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Hej igen!

I början på 80-talet åkte en kompis och jag ner till Blekinge och köpte en del delar från en skrotad 69 GT 500 Convertible. Om jag inte missminner mig så var det bland annat en komplett konsoll. Killen som sålde delarna ägde en 70 Boss 302 som han totalkvaddade, köpte tilbaka och renoverade.

Shelbyn kanske inte är densamma som din men väldigt få GT 500 kvaddades så vem vet.

Lycka till med din bil.

Mvh Bosse Sewallius CMC 342

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My father worked for Ford for 43 years and I worked for Ford for 38 years.  I retired in 2014.   This Shelby belonged to Ford Motor Company.  My father brought it home for one week .  I drove it during my high school "homecoming" weekend:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/bossmustang/sets/72157624173170200/

I communicated with Jan in 2001.

Information from Shelby American World Registry (1997).

3153. GT500. F60x15 tires. Shipped to Ford Division (Dearborn, MI) 7/269 for use a a Shelby Automotive car for Ron W. Peirdon (Marketing).  Invoiced to Shelby Marketing 7/30/69.  MSRP 5443.02 / dealer cost $4465.80/ cost to Ford $3931.23.  Warranty service 11/5/69 for windshield replacement and repair exhaust system hitting frame: 11/6/69 at Ray Whitfield (Taylor, MI) for thermostat, no heat, exhaust leak and charging system with 000? miles; 12/9/69 for ornament, grille, fan clutch, battery, tank, pump, pulley, belts, antifreeze, hood molding, fender decal, lamps, support shield, tie bar, bumper, fan, shroud, horn, volt regulator, rims and spoiler.  Original owner not known.  Purchased by unknown present owner (Sweden) and it may be destroyed.

Bill Cook

Rochester Hills, Michigan USA




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