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Mustang 2007 GT maximum exhaust sound levels.

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Hi folks,

firstly, sorry for posting in English but my written Swedish isn't good enough yet.

Anyway, I've got a 2007 GT that was originally imported from Canand in Switzerland (when I lived there) and imported to Sweden when we moved up a couple of years ago. The noise emission laws in Switzerland are quite tough so I had to have two extra mufflers installed just after the x-pipe. The car has JBA endpipes which are "suffering" because of those extra "Swiss" mufflers.

What are the laws in Sweden? Can I just cut-out the mufflers and insert a new piece of exhaust pipe?

I've heard some US cars and the wonderful loud burbling that would be illegal in Switzerland and was wondering how I can legally get that in Sweden.

Thanks for any tips, links and advice.




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