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Hittade denne lenken;


Production Numbers:

Standard Convertible: 38,751

Convertible w/Bench Seats: 1,209

Luxury Convertible: 4,848

Standard Coupe: 325,853

Coupe w/Bench Seats: 8,190

Luxury Coupe: 22,228

Standard Fastback: 53,651

Luxury Fastback: 17,391

Total: 472,121

Body Styles: Coupe, Convertible, Fastback

Construction: Unibody Chasis

Available Engines:

200cid 6cyl 1V 120hp

289cid 2V V-8 200hp

289cid 4V V-8 225hp

289cid 4V V-8 271hp

390cid 4V V-8 320hp

Available Exterior Colors

Acapulco Blue Arcadian Blue

Brittany Blue Burnt Amber

Candy Apple Red Clearwater Aqua

Dark Moss Green Diamond Blue

Diamond Green Dusk Rose

Frost Turquoise Lime Gold

Nightmist Blue Pebble Beige

Raven Black Sauterne Gold

Silver Frost Springtime Yellow

Vintage Burgundy Wimbeldon White

Anniversary Gold Aspen Gold

Blue Bonnet Bright Red

Columbine Blue Lavender

Playboy Pink Timberline Green

Vehicle Identification Numbers

Engine Codes

200cid 1V 6cyl 120hp U

289cid 2V V-8 200hp C

289cid 4V V-8 225hp A

289cid 4V V-8 271hp K

390cid 4V V-8 320hp S

7 - Last digit of model year

F - Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose T-Metuchen)

01 - Body code (01-Coupe, 03-Convertible, 02-Fastback)

C - Engine Code

100001 - Consecutive unit number

Example: 7F01C100001

Dimensions (1967 Fastback 302)

Wheelbase: 108 in.

Overall length: 183.6 in.

Width: 70.9 in.

Height: 51.8 in.

Shoulder room: 53.4 in.

Rear seat hip room: 40 in.

Door opening width: 42.2 in.

Floor to ground height: 9.7 in.

Capacities (1967 Fastback 302)

Luggage space, cu. ft.: 5.1

Fuel tank: 17.0 gal.

Crankcase: 4.0 qt.

Radiator coolant: 20.5 qt.

Wheels and Tires (1967 Fastback 302)

Wheel size: 14 x 6 JK

Optional size available: 14 x 5.5 JK

Bolt no./Circle diameter: 5/4.5 in.

Recommended inflation: 28/28 psi

Capacity rating, total lbs.: 4,950

1967 Mustang Weight ('67 Fastback 302)

Curb weight: 3,400 lbs.

Weight distribution, % f/r: 58,42

1967 Mustang Prices Retail

2dr Hardtop, 65A $2,461.46

Convertible, 76A 2,698.14

2+2 Fastback, 63A 2,592.17

289ci 200hp V-8 105.63

289ci 225hp V-8 158.48

289ci 271hp V-8 (with GT Equipment Group Only) 433.55

390ci 320hp V-8 263.71

Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission, 6cyl 188.18

Cruise O-Matic automatic transmission, 200 or 225hp V-8 197.89

Cruise O-Matic automatic transmission, 271 or 320hp 220.17

4-speed manual transmission, 200 & 225hp V-8 184.02

4-speed manual transmission, 271 & 320hp V-8 233.18

Heavy-duty 3-speed manual, required with 320hp V-8 79.20

Power front disc brakes 64.77

Power steering 84.47

Power convertible top 52.95

GT Equipment Group (with V-8s only) 205.05

Limited slip differential 41.60

Styled steel wheels (2+2 only) 93.84

Styled steel wheels, all others 115.11

Competition handling package (with GT Equip. only) 388.53

Tinted windshield and window 30.25

Convenience Control Panel 39.50

Fingertip speed control (requires V-8 & Cruise-O-Matic) 71.30

Remote control outside mirror (std. 2+2) 9.58

Convertible safety glass rear window 32.44

SelectAire air conditioning 356.09

AM push-button radio 57.51

AM/FM push-button radio 133.65

Stereosonic tape system (AM radio required) 128.49

2+2 folding rear seat and access door (Sport Deck option) 64.77

Full width front seat (NA 2+2) 24.42

Tilt-away steering wheel 59.93

Rear deck luggage rack (2+2) 32.44

Comfortweave vinyl trim (NA convertible) 24.53

Center console (requires radio) 50.41

Deluxe steering wheel 31.52

Exterior decor group 38.86

Lower back panel grille 19.48

Interior Decor Group (convertible) 94.36

Interior Decor Group (all others) 108.06

Two-tone paint (lower back grille) 12.95

Accent paint stripe 13.90

Vinyl-covered roof (hardtop) 74.36

Wheel covers (std. 2+2) 21.34

Men det beror også på vilken karosstyp.

Les her; http://www.fomoco.com/forummain/thread.asp?ID=2811

Den mest ovanliga option for 67 var Fingertip speed control. (Cruise controll). Bare 55 bilar fikk den!



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