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Undrar över denna bil, det är en -67 FB som de säger har X-code. Tycker mig inte hitta nåt om X-Code. Är detta nåt skumt eller? Kan nån reda ut detta åt mig?

Ok det gick inte att kopiera bilden på tagg skylten men det står klart X i win koden och bilen har en 390 motor?

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Hittade detta på nätet.

I saw a thread discussing the x-code 390-2V motor in 68 Mustangs. Here is the low down as I understand it. Anyone, feel free to add to this information.

X-codes do exist. It is only an engine code for the 68 Mustangs and referred to as the T-Bird special. There are variations to the HP this engine output, but the reported compression is 10.5:1 (same motor as the GT 390-4V motor) and is commonly listed as the 390 Premium Fuel. The motor generated 280HP and recommended octane was 99.8. It is rumored that they never came with the smog equipment as they would pass CA emissions standards without the pump (I wouldn't know as mine is a SLC DSO). The intake manifold has a big "T" on it and the heads were the same as the GT 390-4V. This motor is the only 2V in 68 eligible for the GT package. There is now an X-Code registry kept by Marc Schultz. My car is an X-Code California Special - one of 76 made. Only 45 on the X-Code registry now known and only 9 X-code GT/CS identified.

Apparently, the X-code was a market testbed model for the 2V big blocks in Mustangs as per a Mustang Monthly Magazine article who quoted a Ford employee Dave Provine (who also owns an X-code bought new when relased).

For trivia sake, there is also a "Y" and "Z" code 390-2V low compression 68 Ford motor (9.5:1)and 390 4V respectively. But I do not think any stangs ended up with either one (never say never...). The X-code was a legite engine code for 4 years (only 3 in Ford and 4 for Mercury) 66, 67, 68, and 69. Mustang only had it in 68.

I have not seen enough X codes around to see what their value goes for. With only 733 built between all 3 body styles (477 hardtop, 189 fastback and 67 convert) they just don't show up often.

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